Gary Jones;
Classification/major: junior/political science with minor in religion

Hometown: born in Dayton, Ohio and traveled all over U.S. as a child, staying in Madison, Wisconsin the longest period of time.

Goals for Texas Wesleyan:
1. Continue the trend of SGA working hand in hand with the Administration to push a student agenda.
2. Push for security cameras on campus.
3. Make SGA a place students feel they can come with ideas and not be shot down.
4. Build a better relationship between transfer and non traditional students and SGA.

Keeping up with news, reading, watching NCAA football or basketball/ Kappa Alpha Order, resident assistant

View of Wesleyan: “I enjoy the family environment. Not many schools can claim to have the environment that Wesleyan has; be it small classrooms, friendly teachers, or ways to get involved, I think the openness of Wesleyan is what sets it apart.”

Laura Alexander:
Classification/major: junior/political science with emphasis in pre-law

Hometown: Simi Valley, California until moving to Keller, Texas when she was 11.

Goals for Texas Wesleyan:
1. Improve student life
2. Better security on campus
3. Create a commuter lounge

Traveling, playing the piano, running, Phi Alpha Delta, Model Arab Leage, Pre-Professional Program Pre-law Society, Mortar Board, World of Wesleyan Leaders and Golden Shears.

View of Wesleyan: “I was immediately drawn to Wesleyan from the very first tour that I took of the school, because of the relationships between the faculty/administration and the students. This is something I have not been disappointed in since coming here. Our faculty takes joy in educating us to the best of their ability. This inspires me and gives me enjoyment in learning. The relationship between the faculty/staff and students is something very unique to Wesleyan, and I think it is one of our greatest assets.”