The Rambler’s news editor, Shauna Banks, sat down with Laura Alexander, newly elected SGA president for a Q&A session.

SB: What will be the first issue you address when you are sworn into office?
LA: After I am sworn into office, the first issue that I will address is ensuring that we have a well-trained and prepared team of SGA members for next year. I am excited to find out who I will be working with next year after the Representative elections. My first concern is making sure that we are all ready to start working on student issues as soon as the new school year starts.

SB: How do you plan to continue the efforts to change the alcohol on campus policies?
LA: After doing a survey of the students we found that the campus is still very divided on the issue of whether the alcohol policy should be changed. I am interested in representing what the students of Texas Wesleyan want, therefore I will be doing research on what the concerns are of the people opposed to the change in policy and what can be done to address these concerns.

SB: What would you like to see SGA representatives who are elected accomplish next year?
LA: Next year is going to be exciting, I’m looking forward to encouraging all of the SGA representatives to have more discussion with their peers and the students that they represent. Focusing on the visibility of SGA, I think it’s important that every Wesleyan student know who their representative is and know that they can approach them with any issue or concern.

SB: How do you plan to bring a commuter lounge to Wesleyan?
LA: Firstly, in order to make this a possibility, I need to find a space that is easily accessible to Commuters. This will be my first initiative, and from there I will be building it step-by-step until it is complete. This may take a while and may be more of a long- term goal, but it’s something I think is important to do, and important to do right considering the amount of commuters we have as students on this campus.

SB: What do you think has been the SGA’s biggest accomplishment this 2011-2012 school year?
LA: SGA’s biggest accomplishment this past year has been its support of all the organizations on campus. Last year we gave thousands of dollars to organizations to send Texas Wesleyan students around the country to different conferences and competitions. These organizations are the life blood of our university because they are giving us, as students, the opportunity to live out and practice the skills of what we learn in the classroom.

SB: How important do you think receiving good grades in classes is?
LA: Working our hardest in our classes is very important because our grades are not only a reflection on us as students, but on our teachers as well. Our faculty work hard to make us successful. By doing our best in our classes we not only improve our overall education and chances of future success, but we also express our gratitude towards the hard work of our teachers.

SB: How will you continue the efforts to allow other staff robe students at robing ceremonies?
LA: This is an issue which concerns many students and was very close to being passed this last year. I will continue to work towards allowing staff to robe at robing ceremonies by talking to faculty and discussing their concerns to see if some sort of compromise can be reached.

SB: How do you think Wesleyan can improve on-campus security efforts?
LA: Implementing the security camera plan that was designed last year in SGA will significantly improve on-campus security. The SGA will continue to set aside money towards this plan and working with administration to financially support the plan.

SB: How important do you think it is to attend classes regularly?
LA: The amount of time spent in class is directly correlated to the grade that will be made in that class. Students are in school to go to class and to study. By skipping class, students hurt themselves and detract from the overall class experience of their peers. Teachers work hard to prepare material and see that we understand the concepts we are learning, if for no other reason but respect for them, we as students should make every effort to attend class and learn.