Joshua Dunk
On April 13 at 1 p.m. in the President’s office, staff and faculty held an informal signing ceremony of the agreement with The Language Company to establish an intensive English program on campus.
The Language Company provides an avenue for international students to not only improve their English skills but to build on knowledge of the United States and its people. According to its website,, The Language Company is a globally-minded organization that provides English as a second language instruction and cultural opportunities to individuals who are seeking educational, professional and personal enrichment since 1983.
President Frederick Slabach said Texas Wesleyan is a school that recognizes its responsibility to the community by providing leadership and talent through programs that enable and enrich society.
Slabach said the university endeavors to create a learning environment where each student is provided an opportunity to pursue individual excellence, to think clearly and creatively, and to communicate effectively.
“One of the major parts of the mission of Texas Wesleyan is to help students develop to their full potential as both individual and as members of the world community,” Slabach said.
Through The Language Company students will study under teachers highly skilled in teaching English to international students. There will be academic counselors to guide students every step of the way.  Slabach said activities sponsored by The Language Company feature exploring communities and cities where you experience the American way of life.
“The Language Company comes to Texas Wesleyan with decades of experience in intensive English language preparation for international students from all over the world,”  Slabach said.
Dr. Ali Robati, chairman and CEO of The Language Company, was as equally thrilled to sign the agreement between The Language Company and Texas Wesleyan.
“This has been one of the most pleasant relationships that we have been a part of in decades,” Robati said.
Kayla King, junior liberal studies major, is interested inwhat the Language Company can do for students whose first language is English.
“As a liberal studies major, I am required to take some Spanish classes,”  King said. “I always wanted to go to South America and be a part of their culture and learn hands on.”
Robati said allowing students from Texas Wesleyan to travel internationally is primarily through the international office.
“If the international office sees a need for Texas Wesleyan students to travel internationally through the Language Company we will be more than happy to do so,” Robati said.
Growing culturally as well as academically is the mission of Texas Wesleyan and the Language Company.
Slabach said preparing a pathway for international students to come to Wesleyan, regardless of their language ability, is a critical part of helping Wesleyan fulfill the mission.