The Morton Fitness Center at Texas Wesleyan has a wide variety of options for people of any fitness level to start a workout plan.
Morton is located between the Brown-Lupton Campus Center/Food Court and the Polytechnic United Methodist Church. It is open Monday through Sunday with varying hours.
It has a wide range of machines and free weights to build muscle and also offers different types of fitness classes.
Katt Fournier, sophomore math major, said she has worked at the fitness center since it opened in November 2010.
“The fitness center has enough equipment for anyone to design their own workout through strength training, cardio and agility exercises,” Fournier said.
The fitness center offers five different classes anyone can take, including kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, Let’s Have a Ball and an equipment orientation class.
According to the Morton Fitness Center class description sheet given out, kickboxing is a high energy workout that teaches different martial arts techniques.
Zumba uses Latin music to burn calories while dancing. Let’s have a ball is a 45 minute workout that exercises the abs and core. Yoga is a mind and body workout that focuses on strength and flexibility. The equipment orientation class is for people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the different machines.
Oscar Lazarky, senior business major, works behind the front desk during the daytime. His day primarily consists of watching and making sure everyone scans their cards. He also signs up new members and helps people renew their membership.
Lazarky said he occasionally has to watch someone if they are trying to break one of the gym’s records.
“It is a fun job because I am able to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis, and when it isn’t busy I can work out,” Lazarky said.
There are TVs for people running on the treadmill or the elliptical. There is a small section of cushioned chairs for after a workout.
Also, Fournier said the gym employees make sure they keep the exercise area and locker rooms clean.
Cameron Webb, freshman business major, said he works out at the gym every day.
“That atmosphere the fitness center creates really makes it easy to get a solid workout,” Webb said.
According to the website, the Morton Fitness Center is free for all students at Wesleyan. Also, for faculty and staff, a membership is $50 for every six months. The classes provided by the center are free to all members.
Tyler Wehner