Candace Johnson

Many have days when cooking is out of the question and eating out is the preference. Some people have favorite places to eat and favorite cuisines, usually the ones that are on the menu. Unknown to some, there are items some restaurants and fast food places offer that are not on the menu and are quite popular to those who are aware of them.

In-and-Out Burger, the Southern California burger chain sweeping across the United States, has a secret menu that may be one of the most known-about secret menus. In fact, is so secretly not a secret they have an unofficial menu online called the “Not-So-Secret Menu.” Items include the “Flying Dutchman” which consists of two patties, two pieces of cheese and nothing else, and the “Protein Style” burger which is a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

Teenager Lorie Newson said, “I was aware that In-and-Out Burger had a secret menu but never knew what was on it for sure.”

Popeye’s Chicken offers a variety of fried chicken, but for the health conscious, you can get naked strips instead of fried, with the healthier options becoming a complete menu of its own at some locations. They also offer a spice called “Cajun Sparkle” to put an extra kick in the chicken’s flavor, but it’s only behind the counter and offered upon request.

Customer Leah Washington said, “I heard Popeye’s served Cajun Sparkle but have never asked for it. I will the next time I visit.”

Starbucks, the coffee chain, offers a cup of coffee smaller than the tall which is the smallest listed on the menu. It’s called the short-size and is only eight ounces, which will save patrons some calories and some money.

Taco Bell, like Popeye’s, has a secret condiment as well. Some call it the “green sauce,” which has been hiding behind the counter for years. It is officially called Salsa Verde. They serve a Fire Roasted salsa also. An employee said Taco Bell also has a chili cheese burrito they will make if asked. However, not all locations carry the secret salsas or will make the burrito.

Kim Gaitlin, Texas Wesleyan graduate, said she had heard there was a secret sauce.
“I recently saw a location advertising the sauce choices in the window of the drive thru, but they just started doing it,” Gaitlin said.

Subway, after the craze brought about by Jared losing weight eating sub sandwiches, redefined its menu to cater to the trend and removed the pizza sub from the sandwich choices. If requested, the employees admitted that they can make it with the ingredients on deck.

Chipotle does not actually have a secret menu, but the company does promise to make anything for patrons as long as they utilize the ingredients they have. Whatever you can think of, they will make it. If someone asks for something as simple as a quesadilla or nachos, they will put it together though it is not on the menu.

When asking customers if they would try ordering any of these items, Shalisha Horton said, “I eat at Chipotle all the time and have never known you could do this.”

Jamba Juice promotes healthy smoothies, so choices such as PB&J, white gummy bear and strawberry shortcake milkshakes wouldn’t be listed on the menu. But the line between a milkshake and a smoothie is very thin. So if it doesn’t hurt to pack on the extra calories, ask for them; they do have the ingredients to make them.

Wendy’s will serve as many as three meat patties on a bun, but if that just isn’t enough, try asking for four. This secret item is called the Grand Slam. The store manager of a Fort Worth store did not allow employees to make it, but did confirm that some locations will.

Many fast food chains offer the three basic flavors of a milkshake: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but what many do not know is some, like In-and-Out Burger, will also mix them together to make a Neapolitan Milkshake.