Rolandra West
The end of another semester slowly approaches Texas Wesleyan students and professors as they prepare for final exams.
The Ram Parent Association and New Student Programs are aiming to help aide students during finals week with Student Survival Kits.
They are on sale for $5 including delivery until April 27. The survival kits will be delivered to those who live on campus the last week of classes (April 30-May 1), and commuters may pick up their survival kits in the Academic Success Center.
Alicia Atchison said the Ram Parent Association provides the student survival kits. Atchison said the kits include snacks (ramen, popcorn, etc.) drinks, note-cards, pens, pencils and highlighters.
“This is the second semester the kits have been done,” Atchison said. “The proceeds from the kits support the Ram Parent Association and the scholarships the association gives away every year. Members assemble the kits however, anyone can order a survival kit for any student.”
The Ram Parent Association and New Student Programs plan to make the survival kits every semester as long as people are interested. Atchison said the kits brought in a lot of interest last semester.
Jacob Lyons, sophomore exercise science major, said the kits have helped him get through the week of finals and believes it is a nice gesture.
“My mom actually is involved with the Ram Parent Association; she donates some of the things that go into putting the kits together,” Lyons said.
“The Ram Parent Association received a lot of support from the university with the survival kits,” Atchison said. “This semester the kits are off to a great start and we expect them to be successful again.”
Melody Fowler, director of New Student Programs and services, has worked with preparing the survival kits in the past.
“The students love getting something delivered to them or an email telling them to come by the Academic Success Center for a special treat,” Fowler said. “We even have students buy the kits for other students.”
Both the Ram Parent Association and New Students Programs have received positive feedback on the kids. Since the kits have been a success with Wesleyan students thus far, the groups will continue the tradition of making them for as long as possible.