1.  What is the name of the organization?  Sigma Alpha Iota


2.  How long has the organization existed?  Since 1950


3.  Does the organization have open enrollment?  Yes, limited to women.  Open to students in any major who participate in music.


4.  How can students get involved?  By participating in Music Department ensembles.


5.  How much does it cost to belong?  Semester dues are $50; and first-time members pay a one-time fee of $300 which includes pin, song book, manual for members book and ritual book.


6.  Is this a Wesleyan-only organization?  This is an international fraternity.  This chapter, Beta Kappa, is a Wesleyan-only organization for women.


7.  What does the organization provide the campus or student?  A professional organization, Fraternal ________  and encourages women musicians.  Promotes music for all stages of life.  Cultivates excellence in musical performance.  Also, teaches professional and ethical basics.


8. What is the benefit to people outside TWU?  Most of the SAI benefits to persons outside of TWU occur at the national or international level (our students’ national dues support these projects, however):

.    SAI Philanthropies, Inc. provide national and international funding for music, music textbooks, instruments, recordings and other music supplies.

.    One of the ‘purposes’ of SAI members is “to adhere to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community, and fraternity life.” This purpose aligns beautifully with the mission statement of Texas Wesleyan, as well. If our students are trained to be good citizens, the community benefits!


9.  How can your organization help students to achieve academic success?  Students must have a certain GPA to be a member.  To have a peer group of successful students, that is always supportive of students.


10.  What are some of the benefits each member receives?  They receive a national publication magazine.  They meet people.  They have an opportunity to practice being officers and handling meetings.


11.  What does the organization support, or what does it stand for?  It upholds the higher standards of music in America and throughout the world.  The organization gives inspiration and encouragement to employees to spread the ideals and the goals of the membership, Alma Mater.


12.  Are there any other benefits we haven’t discussed?  Members have opportunity to audition for scholarships projected by Sigma Alpha Iota.