Fort Worth Police officials said an email warning students and faculty of a serial rapist sent by Texas Wesleyan University was based on a misunderstanding of department information.

Sent on Aug. 24, the email warned students, faculty and staff of a serial rapist reported in the area near the university. The man was said to be targeting white women around East Lancaster Street near Wesleyan, according to the email.

Cliff Miller, Fort Worth public relations and community liaison officer, said the email resulted due to a “communication breakdown” between Texas Wesleyan University’s security and the Fort Worth Police Department.

“There were two crimes reported and both occurred north of the railroad tracks on East Lancaster,” said Cliff Miller, Fort Worth public relations and community liaison officer. “There was conflicting information with the description of the suspect: one report was that the suspect was African-American and the other was that he was Hispanic, so we have reason to believe that the two crimes are not related at all”.

Miller said although there is no immediate threat, safety is important for those in surrounding areas.

“It is always a good idea to be aware of one’s surroundings,” he said. “However, there is no reason to believe that any TWU student or faculty member is in danger.”

Investigators do not feel that the area of concern goes further south of the railroad tracks that separate east Lancaster from the TWU campus, Miller said.

Monica Maldonado, junior education major, said when she first saw the alert she didn’t feel unsafe because of the low crime rate on campus.

“I feel safe on campus because the police station is very close and there are always officers roaming around the neighborhood,” she said.