Many students can’t wait to enjoy the experience of college, whether it is the wild and crazy social life they anticipate or their hard-earned education. Rarely does ridiculous rising cost for room and board cross their minds.

Yes, of course it costs money to go to school but personally I didn’t plan to pay an arm and a leg for a bachleor’s degree. With the amount of loans I have had to take out, it genuinely makes me re-think about the idea of a master’s degree.Last year, the cost of tuition $9,880 for a full-time student(12-18 hours). This year tuition cost went up to $10,420, a $540 increase for full-time students. Each additional hour beyond the 18 is now $37 per class hour. This does not include the cost of living or meal plans.

The cost of living in West Village is $2,190 during the fall and spring semesters for a four bedroom and for and efficiency single it is $4,680 during the semesters. This adds up to $4,380 a year for a four bedroom or $9,360 for the efficiency single.

Elizabeth Means Armstrong Building costs $3,035 per semester for a single room and is only open to upper classmen totaling $6,070 a year.

The cheapest living arrangement at Wesleyan is a double in Stella Russell Hall (which is with a roommate) for $1,690 per semester); the other option is a single which is $2,532 a semester. On top of the almost $21,000 per year in tuition costs, students have to pay between $3,380 and $9,360 just to live on campus.

If students think this bill is a little high, it only gets better. A student has to eat, right?

Those who live on campus are required to have a meal plan that costs $1,672 per semester.

So if a full-time student wants to live at Wesleyan they have to spend a grand total of $14, 624 per semester with the cheapest living arrangement.

Now, to some students or even faculty, the rising rates are not a big concern, but with the interest rates on loans rising, it is not only difficult to obtain financial aid, but to take out a student loan is an investment not all students can afford.
The loan option is one of the first options students are asked to look at after grants and scholarships have been approved. With the cost of living on campus rising to an amount unrealistically obtainable, a loan is the last resort; which eventually leaves students with piling debt that may take a student’s whole adult life to pay off, well at least until middle age.

Most professors may say a degree is worth it, but is it really?

This year Texas Wesleyan is enrolled to full capacity, yet prices are still on the rise.

Athletic teams and other activities have been growing each year, which requires a budget to uphold all of these teams. Is this where a student’s money is going?

Now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace the arm and leg I’ve paid an will be paying for the next 20 or 30 years of my life, but something has got to give. With the rate of debt in student loans, students will be in debt forever.

-Rolandra West