Football is a popular sport, especially in Texas, and it’s not surprising that high schools around the state build new stadiums. However, what is shocking is the stadium Allen High School built costing $59.6 million.

Allen High School, located in Allen, just opened its Eagle Stadium for the fall 2012 football season. Although the stadium is large, seating 18,000 people, it is not the biggest. Allen’s football stadium is ranked fifth in the state of Texas for size, but the amount of money it cost surprised people in surrounding cities.

According to the city of Allen raised $119.4 million dollars as a part of a deal and spent $60 million of it toward the stadium. Eagle Stadium has a large video screen on the inside as well as sitting decks and a press box. The stadium is also going to be used for outside revenue as well with a college all-star game being played next winter. The controversy about the stadium is why the city of Allen built such an expensive stadium with educational budgets being cut.

Eagle Stadium ticket prices will remain the same as before with tickets being $10 at the door, if there are any left, or season tickets for $40. Fans also have the opportunity to pre-order tickets for a price of $8 a game.

I understand people from Allen and surrounding cities were upset they could not get into games due to the lack of seating in the previous stadium; however, I think $60 million is too much for a high school stadium.

Some of that money could have gone to educational programs and classrooms to help improve the learning environment throughout the school district, not just the high school.

I love watching football, but Allen High School and the city could have built a new stadium without spending the millions they did.

Only time will tell if the legendary Friday nights were worth the investment.