Eunice and James L. West Library is known for its couches, computers and lounging areas, but what most students do not know are the variety of resources the library offers.

To a freshman, transfer or any student at Texas Wesleyan, the library provides resources for research and learning opportunities when it comes to getting things done for research papers, term papers and citing.

The librarians are in charge of updating books or what librarians call “weeding out,” bringing in the new updated versions and taking out the old. This routine is done for each subject such as: exercise science, business, music, religion, education, English and nurse anesthesia.

Kaeli Vandertulip, head reference and information services librarian of education, science and graduate programs,  said the thorough procedure of removing, evaluating and replacing materials is a part of the librarians’ mission to have materials support the university’s research and curriculum.

“We provide access to several hundred thousand books, millions of scholarly articles and an experienced faculty and staff, to help find, evaluate, use and cite any information needed,” Vandertulip said. “A librarian’s main goal is to remove any barrier that stands between a student looking for information and that student finding and using the information.”

Vandertulip said the library uses a  well established process to  evaluate and replace  materials  they abide by.

Kate Wiant, reference and information services librarian, said the librarians help students not only find research but help students with bibliographies, citing sources and topic selection.

“We help students find the best places to look for resources because students tend to Google,” Wiant said. “We also help students cite their sources with various citations such as MLA and APA. There is also a research paper rescue we do that helps students with the research process.”

Wiant said the library also provides proofreading help if needed.

Cindy Potter, university librarian/director, said the West Library is full of resources for students and there is always someone to help students, especially freshmen.

“When a student comes in and needs help with a research paper, we help them narrow down topics and look for resources,” Potter said.

Potter said resources are also popular through online resources such as TexShare, which is a state program.

Potter said the resources in the library are not only for students but for faculty as well.
“Almost all college and university school libraries have TexShare. It is a huge database for online research,” Potter said.

Potter said Academic Search Premiere, another online service, covers every subject possible, and for online research, this is the first place to start.

Potter said the library cannot do without any one librarian  on staff, each librarian makes the group a whole.

“We love what we do,” Potter said. “Being a librarian is an enjoyable job.”
Rolandra West,