Texas Wesleyan University is a small, tight-knit college community where people are friendly and polite. Having said that, students have to be aware of their surroundings, especially considering the area that surrounds Wesleyan’s campus. Installing security lights throughout the campus could make students feel more secure.

The lights I am talking about are the blue booths that almost look like phone booths with a light that says “Emergency” on them. Students can either call or push a button alerting  security and, or police, which lets them know there is an emergency.

Most college campuses have the light booths scattered throughout their campuses, at least ones I have visited.

Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Austin and Collin County Community College are just a few colleges I have visited that do have the security lights.

I think lights could also be placed all around campus, the mall area, by parking lots, and student pathways to and from class.

I will be the first to admit I’m a chicken when it comes to walking to my car at night after a late class. Sometimes I see people who do not go to school walking around the parking lot or by the campus. This can get nerve-racking.

Some students may be studying at the library until it closes and then they have to walk back to their rooms. Placing the “Emergency” light booths can give students access to quick help or just make them feel more secure knowing it’s there.

I never understood why Wesleyan does not have the security lights on campus. Maybe it is a money issue, or perhaps some may think we don’t need them. Although the campus has been safe for the most part, the area surrounding Wesleyan is not.

If the lights are a money issue, isn’t students’ safety worth the price?
Security is doing a good job monitoring the campus but offering these lights can give the students a greater peace of mind.

Emma Fradette, ekfradette@txwes.edu