Revolution is a fast-paced, action filled, suspenseful series sure to keep its audience at the edge of their seats with its twisting plot and unanswered secrets about the little trinket a father passes on to his daughter in his death.  Revolution made its debut at 10/9 on Sept. 17 on NBC.

Imagine a world without computers, Internet, cell phones, planes and no electricity whatsoever. A world where hunting and gathering replace soccer and baseball, J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost, Fringe and Transformers, captures audiences everywhere with fast-paced action and fist fights between citizens and military pushing their own ideas of government on resilient survivors.

Charlie Matheson, (Tracy Spiridakos, Being Human), a stubborn young girl who never backs down, hears a gun shot from afar. When she arrives back at the settlement, she finds the Monroe militia, overseers of this specific republic,  shot her father after towns people took up arms to defy them, resulting in his death.

What Charlie does not know is her father held a secret to why the lights went out. When her brother Danny (Graham Rogers, Memphis Beat) is taken hostage by the Monroe militia, she embarks on a journey to find her long lost Uncle Miles, (Bill Burke, The Twilight Saga) a former U.S. Marine living a life of seclusion to help her find her brother.

As the Matheson family struggles to reunite in an American landscape no longer decorated by technology and skyscrapers, the Matheson family embarks on a voyage to re-light their world.

I believe this new series will recapture Monday night television and give Monday football a run for its money with its intense fighting scenes and little bits of information behind the mysterious light trinket that turns the power back on, leaving the audience with questions why every week. If you are into post-war or post-technology world drama, this is the show for you. In my opinion, Revolution is right up there with Lost and Falling Skies as the must see series of this season.

— Rachel Peel,