If you love to sit at the edge of your seat, with your adrenaline pumping and your eyes half way covered because you don’t know what’s going to happen  next, House at the End of the Street is your movie.

It is a twisted thriller sure to make you cringe a little every time (Max Theiriot) pops up out of nowhere; handsome and innocent, yet disturbingly creepy in this film. And if you’re a Jennifer Lawerence fan,  it’s a definite must see.

Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss from The Hunger Games), plays the main character Elissa Cassidy, who moves with her mother from Chicago to get away from the burden of memories after Elissa’s father dies.

This was to be a fresh start for the both of them in a new town and a new house. Little did they know that they were living in a house that couldn’t sell on the market, and not because of its style.

Elissa befriends the surviving son next door Ryan Jacobson, who comes off mysterious but he happens to be a little “off his rocker.”  Like most teenage girls Elissa is into the bad boy vibe, which is more on the side of crazy which you don’t see until midway through the movie.

Now I won’t completely spoil this movie, but the plot is sure to twist your minds. I love scary thrillers and most don’t scare me.

I can say this movie actually had me jumping in my seat, and the audience was right along with me.
Both  Lawrence and  Theiriot make this story believable.

Though the plot was  somewhat simple, it did keep me interested.  Kudos to the director and  writers of the film as well as the actors.

It’s worth the 7 bucks at the movie theatre and gas. I don’t say that very often.

Rolandra West, rdwest@txwes.edu