I think musical television shows are a wonderful thing.

Glee is awesome, Smash, not nearly as good, but descent, and now, this season, a new show by the name of Nashville will be airing on ABC.

Even shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Grey’s Anatomy have done musical episodes in which characters randomly break out in song in the middle of a scene.

The song itself usually refers to things the characters are going through internally or externally.

This adds a new depth to the scenes and story lines when the characters are singing through their heartache and struggle.

However, I do not want television to become flooded with these type of shows. I really think three musical television shows are enough.

What makes them unique in the first place is they all approach the drama from a different angle.

Glee deals with high school angst, Smash, with the behind the scenes drama that occurs in the theatre world, and Nashville will deal with the country music scene.

I, for one, think those three are enough.

It’s great when shows like these promote the musical and theatre arts, but I would really hate for television to become swamped by these in the next couple of years.