Texas Wesleyan offers students the ability to get involved with planning and organizing student events through Social Rams.

This organization is one of the largest organizations on campus that attracts many students. Social Rams offers the students the opportunity to work with other students,  staff and faculty on several on-campus activities.

The Social Ram Programming Board coordinates social and service events to strengthen the student experience and engage the Wesleyan community. Kriti Sharma, senior criminal justice major, pre-law, is the programming board president.

“Social Rams hosts events for the students that are planned by the students themselves. We do everything we can to ensure that everyone has a memorable college experience,” Sharma said. “Everyone I have had the privilege of working with has been so phenomenal, and this semester is going to be even better.”

Sharma said for all students who attend events, they get the chance to meet new people and have some fun. Those who are on the planning side of it are able to work closely with other people.

“We’ve made some changes to how we operate within the organization and we’ve also brought in some amazing new people,” Sharma said.

Tyler  Mendez, junior English and political science major with pre-law emphasis, is the new vice president of Social Rams as of this year, said he agrees with Sharma.

“I’ve already been involved in other organizations, but being a part of Social Rams has helped me strengthen my personal relationships with the faculty and staff,” Mendez said. “It’s really fun to be able to be a part of the process and get involved in the many projects that we do throughout the year.”
Victoria Thornton, sophomore English major, is a new member to Social Rams.

“I’ve been searching for an organization where I can have my voice heard and I felt that Social Rams was the best fit for me,” Thornton said. “It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and expand my circle while helping others.”

Sharma said the goal of Social Rams has always been to improve the social life on campus.

“I was not involved in anything at all my first two semesters here,” Sharma said. “But envisioning what Social Rams could do really motivated me to take the first step. It resulted in my joining of a number of other organizations, and now I barely have any free time.”

The next Social Rams event will be the We are Wesleyan Concert Oct. 8. Anyone interested in joining Social Rams can contact Kriti Sharma via email at kbsharma@txwes.edu.

Joshua Dunk, jkdunk@txwes.edu

Social Rams Upcoming Events

9/26  12-2 p.m.    We Are Wesleyan Auditions     Carter Conference Room

9/26  7 p.m.    Movie Night: The Avengers    McFadden Science Center

9/27  5 p.m.    Food Fight    Behind Stella Russell Hall

10/2 4-6 p.m.    We Are Wesleyan Auditions    Carter Conference Room