Mostly faculty and staff, along with a small number of students, filled the McFadden Science Lecture Theatre Oct. 4 for Texas Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach’s Open Forum. Slabach answered questions and comments that were inserted into a suggestion box prior to the forum’s beginning before fielding questions from attendees.

Here’s what you missed from his opening statements:

  • Total number of undergraduate students enrolled at university increased 4 percent. Graduate student enrollment decreased 3.2 percent, mostly due to a decrease in graduate education students. Doctoral education enrollment is also down.
  • Total number of students enrolled is 3,204. New and returning international students total 163.
  • The freshmen retention rate is 65 percent, which is an increase over 59 percent last year.
  • Housing is full with a total of 409 students, although 432 beds have been rented. Some students remain in OC Armstrong Hall, which hasn’t been used to house students in years and is being considered to be kept open to students until next fall.
  • The enrollment increase has generated additional fees and a positive net effect. “There is a misperception out there that we have as much as $2 million in additional revenue, which is not the case,” Slabach said.
  • The net revenue from enrollment increase is in excess of $100,000.
  • The university fell short of its projected revenue for summer enrollment by more than $400,000.
  • Slabach said numbers are still being crunched as there may have been a “snafu with adjunct contracts.”
  • The Rosedale Renaissance Project will cost $6.5 million. A total of $4 million gift and cash pledges from individuals and institutions have been raised so far, a quarter million of which came in last week.
  • Construction on the Rosedale Street Improvement Project is expected to begin by early next summer or fall