Sexting brings mixed feelings to students

Photo Illustration by Meisa Keivani Najafabadi

With technology updates being as common as they are today, new innovations have made it possible for college students to participate in “sexting.”

Sexting means receiving or sending sexually-orientated text messages, whether it is a naked photo or intimate and suggestive messages. Dre’a Davis, senior exercise science major, said she doesn’t think sexting is good at all.

“Sexting is bad because it starts with what respect you have for yourself, your body and your reputation,” Davis said. “Also do you trust the person you are sexting 100 percent to know that they will keep that information between just the two of you.  I think not.”

Samantha McComas, senior history major, said sexting can have a positive side to it.

“For people who are in a committed relationship, sexting can be fun and a good idea,” McComas said. “It can keep a relationship fresh and healthy adding spunk and unexpected fun to it.”

McComas said that sexting should only be done in a committed relationship and for those who aren’t, sexting should not be done.

The University of Rhode Island Department of Human Development and Family Studies conducted research about college students and sexting.

According to their website,, more than half of the students have admitted to receiving sexually suggestive images and 78 percent have said they received sexually suggestive messages. The issue with sexting is messages and pictures can be forwarded to other people for them to see, because 10 percent of students have also admitted to receiving sexual messages without the consent of the person who originally sent the message.

In the state of Texas, there are laws against sexting, but generally they are implemented to protect those under age 18.

Davis said she thinks people who sext are just looking for attention from whomever they are interested in.

“If people chose to do that then that’s their business not mine,” Davis said.

Kevin Pressley, senior history major, had a different interpretation of sexting.

“I think it’s fine if people are sexting, but I just find it odd to find out people sext often and never go for the real thing,” Pressley said. “It’s like saying you love baseball but all you do is read the almanacs, never watched a real game or played the sport.”

-Emma Fradette