Kristi Alexander

Kristi Alexander, criminal justice graduate and former point guard, trades in her basketball shoes for combat boots as she transitioned from being Wesleyan’s women’s basketball starting point guard to a cadet in the Grapevine Police Academy.

From the basketball court to business offices, the 2011-2012 Lady Ram graduates have transitioned from college life to the every day hustle and bustle of adult life in the business world.

Despite their transition, they have taken more than knowledge from the halls of Wesleyan, they have taken teamwork.

Brittany White, exercise science major and guard, graduated in May 2012 and is currently working at a recreation center with an after school program. She recently received her teaching certificate.

White said playing basketball at Wesleyan was a great experience, and she enjoyed having team members who took the extra step to help her out.

“I love my teammates,” White said. “We always could count on someone to have our backs no matter what.”

White said she hopes to teach a technology class and coach basketball, or just teach physical education. White said she has always wanted to coach basketball.It has been her dream.

“We could always count on someone to help us if we were tired or if we just couldn’t play,” White said. “Overall I love my team; it was just a good experience to play at Texas Wesleyan.”

One of the main things White took from her years on the team was perseverance.

“Anything could happen, but you have to overcome any situation, even as a team,” White said. “We’ve been through a lot, but as a team we stuck together and still pushed through.”

Ashley Bringol, marketing graduate and guard, agrees with White, in that she took her team spirit off the court and into the business world.

“Being a part of a team for all four years really prepared me,” Bringol said. “I am a member of a marketing team here [A-Z Pediatric Therapy], so I am still in the team mode.”

Bringol is a marketing representative for A-Z Pediatric Therapy in Dallas. Bringol is over all of the Dallas area and goes from doctor’s office and family clinics to speak to their referral coordinators.

“It’s not just all about me,” Bringol said. “It really helped me work together with my peers, and their needs and look out for them.”
Bringol also said being a part of the team came with competition, and she has to deal with competition daily.

“It’s a very competitive market; we do speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy from birth all the way to the age of 21,” Bringol said. “So, it’s all over Dallas, so it is pretty tough. There are a million therapy companies out there.”

Bringol said using everyone at Wesleyan as a resource, helped her get the job where she is currently working through somebody she knew who directed her to the job.

“Networking was a big deal,” Bringol said. “It [Wesleyan] taught me a lot about networking.”

Octavia Mullins, general business graduate and forward, said she took more than just a degree from Wesleyan. She learned life lessons.

“Even if you have a lot of stuff going on, you got to stay focused on the task at hand,” Mullins said. “The world is not going to stop for you.”

Mullins is currently working for Enterprise Car Rental, but in the future she is thinking about joining the Air Force.
“You got to stay focused and determined if you want to get ahead, and finish what you got going,” Mullins said.

Mullins said playing basketball was her stress relief, playing basketball was a way to express herself everyday, a way to free her mind.

“I just want to see where everything leads off,” Mullins said. “Living the adulthood life.”

Kristi Alexander, criminal justice graduate and former point guard, said one of the things she has taken from Wesleyan is motivation and determination.

“Being a hard worker in everything you do,” Alexander said. “Putting effort in whatever you do.”

Alexander said she is currently in the Police Academy for the Grapevine Police Department.

Rachel Peel