Midnight Madness has been a tradition for colleges and universities all over the United States.

Students go to the gymnasium around 10:30 p.m. to watch a preview of the men and women’s basketball teams. Wesleyan is finally joining the Midnight Madness bandwagon, hosting its first Midnight Madness Oct. 6 in the Sid Richardson Center.

Typically there is a dunking contest, a three-point shooting contest, and both teams have a separate scrimmage. This event not only gives the students an exclusive viewing of the upcoming basketball teams, but also allows the students to enjoy each other in a fun environment.

I am interested to see how it is going to go but more importantly, excited that it is here. This event brings a “big college atmosphere” to a smaller campus.

In many instances, college athletics brings the whole university together, and students go to support their school through athletic events.

When Oklahoma State University has home football games, they turn their water fountain orange, and students rally in front of it and go to the game together. That is a sense of unity and pride that college sports can bring to a university.

I am proud to say Wesleyan is making great changes to continue to bring this excitement to campus.

Not only has Wesleyan brought Midnight Madness to the university, but now the fountain in front of the Ed and Rae Schollmaier Science and Technology Center turns blue for home games of all types.

College sports and events unite universities, and I am ready to see the new and improved Wesleyan Ram pride.

-Emma Fradette