With the election quickly approaching, it is imperative for college students to make their own decisions when it comes to politics.

In some cases college students usually vote for a candidate based on what their parents or caregivers have voted. As American citizens it is important we look at all aspects of a candidate before we make a decision on who to vote for.

After watching the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, I am still undecided about either candidate. Both Obama and Romney have ideas and plans that I both like and dislike.

In my previous opinion piece I talked about Obama’s plans for our country. This piece is centered on Romney’s plans.
Romney talks about upholding the sanctity of marriage. To me the sanctity of marriage is when two people agree to stand by each other through both the good times and the hard times.

Romney states his parents were “true partners,” but he never defines what he means by true partners. In my opinion, a partner should honor, respect and love his or her partner.

Who are we to decide if it should be strictly between a man and a woman? The argument concerning same-sex marriage is that it is in the Bible. To me, just because it is in the Bible does not mean we need to take every word seriously.

The Bible has been translated into so many different versions, it is impossible to know exactly what the original Bible said.

Romney also talks about the promise to uphold the sanctity of life. It is my understanding he wants to make abortions illegal. I personally believe abortion is the same as taking a life, but I do not think it should be made illegal. A woman ultimately has the right to make decisions for her own body, and it is not the government’s job to tell her otherwise.

I agree with some of the things Romney says. I also like some of Obama’s ideas as well.

Yet again I am torn between two candidates and unsure of my decision. With each passing day, the election creeps closer and closer, and I now have to watch the political debates to decide which candidate will get my vote.