Seven Wonders

Courtesy of Adam Christopher

Recent movies such as The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises have helped to continue the ongoing popularity of the superhero genre. If they’ve managed to do that for superhero movies, then Adam Christopher’s Seven Wonders will do the same for superhero novels.

Christopher’s debut novel, Empire State, hit shelves last spring, and also featured superheroes, but through the point of view of a detective trying to track down and stop one. This time, he tells the story of an ordinary man becoming a superhero.

Seven Wonders tells the story of Tony Prosdocimi, an everyman who very suddenly gains a host of superpowers. Tony decides he wants to introduce his new super heroic identity to his fellow citizens of San Ventura with a bang.

He decides taking down the city’s legendary villain, The Cowl, is the way to go. Tony assumes the premier super team of San Ventura, The Seven Wonders, will be thrilled to have a new super powered member to help them defeat the Cowl once and for all. But very quickly he learns that the so-called noble Seven Wonders have many secrets of their own.

Seven Wonders is a an action-packed novel full of battles, blood and betrayal. The book is engaging, entertaining and well written. Christopher’s detailed prose makes it easy for the reader to imagine the battles taking place between the super powered men and women on the page.

He also does an excellent job of deconstructing the idea of what a “superhero” and a “super-villain” are.

Like most good fantasy and science fiction authors, Christopher does not shy away from including themes and messages that will resonate with readers. There is no clear cut good and evil in this novel, just shades of gray.

His characters are just as complex and multi-layered as any human being. Tony, the protagonist, is brave and doesn’t back down from what he believes in. Throughout the novel this gets him into some pretty dangerous situations with both his enemies and allies.

I, like most readers, enjoy reading about protagonists who are strong, gutsy and don’t back down. Readers can admire and root for characters who they wish they were.

Seven Wonders is a well told, well written science fiction novel. If you like superhero comic books, cartoons or movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

-Tristian Evans