In today’s world, teens have gone from treasuring their youth to completely stunting its value with teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy is anything but new, yet it has increased in recent years whether it is because of poor knowledge or pure ignorance. Teen pregnancy is happening every day; in fact it’s happening right now. The problem has gone from being an accident to a trend where parents have no say so anymore, and babies have become the idealization of teens today.

Young girls feel as if getting pregnant will keep the guy they’re with interested, but this is not necessarily so. In most cases this is only considered trapping the guy, and in the end turns into resentment.

I see Facebook pictures posted every hour and statuses of young girls who post about going to the club “for a break.” The problem, I believe, is young girls don’t understand that when they become moms there is no break anywhere in between. It’s a job for a lifetime.

Although shows such as 16 and Pregnant and the Teen Mom series show the hard times and the ins and outs of being a mom. They tend to showcase teen motherhood as something to look up to. Instead of preparing for a successful life without unnecessary hardship, some teen girls believe this is the life for them.

I personally, as a 20-year-old with a year left of school, could not see myself purposefully putting myself in a position that I know I couldn’t handle right now.

I was taught school and work come before anyone else. Yes, I love my boyfriend of two years dearly, but there is no way I feel having a baby intentionally would be the right way to go at this point in my life. We both have too much going for us.
Women who are over the age of 19 who have children, as well as those who are married, have struggles but it is way harder for a teen mother, let alone a single teen mother, to manage. School eventually falls by the wayside for most.
Now there are young women out there who do make being a single mother, going to school and working, manageable. They can possibly maintain similar success with careers and opportunities that anyone without kids can maintain.

The logic of purposely getting pregnant just to keep the baby’s father in a young woman’s life or just to have a “hobby” is completely irresponsible. We as young women should respect ourselves more than that and realize we have a career ahead of us and successful goals we must reach without a doubt.