Texas Wesleyan has been making upgrades to the university ever since I started attending in fall 2010. The updates in the past year however, have really caught my attention, and I think they have improved the school and student participation.

Starting this year, I have noticed more students on campus in general. I see more people walking around and utilizing campus facilities more than I ever have before.

Afternoons used to be dead on campus, but now people are walking around, talking to each other and using the outside sports court.

Dora Roberts Residential Restaurant has made great improvements with a new paint job and more food choices. Since I’ve been at Wesleyan, I have never seen Dora’s so packed as I have this year.

Social Rams and Student Life are getting students involved more as well. Mud volleyball games and food fights got students involved and gave them opportunities to meet new people and have something to do other than school work.

I think the advertisements on the glass windows by the Sid Richardson Center and Brown Lupton Campus Center promote student involvement. Movie shows, game times and social events are always painted on the glass.

This makes me feel like Wesleyan staff and students are trying to get more involved in what the students want to see. Last year, there wasn’t as much awareness of student events and sports, but thanks to the Social Rams’ advertisement on the windows, I know more about what’s going on around campus.

Wesleyan is also having a Midnight Madness this year, first time in Wesleyan history, and I think that is amazing. I love how students are becoming more involved, because we are what make up the university.

I’ve seen more people at volleyball and soccer games than I have in the past, and this brings a greater sense of Wesleyan pride.

These upgrades and more opportunities have also given students a sense of belonging, and I am proud to say I belong to such a growing and advancing university.

-Emma Fradette