For most students, a work-study job is just a way of making money while they are studying the field they truly want to work in. For Blake Bumbard, Texas Wesleyan’s new head of security, a work-study job in college led to a lifetime career.

Bumbard brings more than 17 years of security and law enforcement experience to his new position.  For eight of those years, he has worked in campus law enforcement.

Bumbard grew up in East Texas, and became interested in law enforcement and security in college. Ironically, it was a college work-study job with the campus security of his school that led him to his career.

“My first job was as a campus security officer over at Stephen F. Austin State University,” Bumbard said.  “It was real convenient for me being a student; I could work nights and go to school during the day. That’s when I first caught the law enforcement bug.”

He grew to love the field so much, that he decided to major in criminal justice along with English. After graduating with his degree in criminal justice, Bumbard went to a police academy and worked as a police officer at universities such as the University of NorthTexas and Trinity Valley Community College.

After moving to Dallas/Fort Worth, Bumbard got a management job with Guardsmark, a privately owned security company. One of the first meetings he had was with the former Texas Wesleyan head of security, Felisa Barnes, when Wesleyan was looking to change security companies.  As result of that meeting, Guardsmark was chosen and Bumbard worked with the security department of Texas Wesleyan doing training with the security officers and fire drill training with the resident assistants.

Bumbard has served as the Wesleyan account manager for Guardsmark for the past two years.

When Barnes realized she was leaving, she asked Bumbard if he would be interested in taking her position given his background in campus security.  Bumbard didn’t hesitate to take up the offer. Bumbard said he was eager to get back into the field of campus security.

Bumbard said he plans on finishing up some of the plans Barnes had on the calendar for the rest of the 2012 school year as well as bring some of his own ideas to the table.

“We’re really looking at making the security department more accessible to the students,” Bumbard said. “We would like to focus more on crime prevention and crime awareness programs, as well as other safety awareness programs for the students and staff.”

Bumbard said he is excited about being at Wesleyan seeing that he is already familiar with the school and his officers. He wants all faculty and staff to know that they are always welcome to come to his office to share their concerns.

“I want to be completely accessible to the students and the staff,” Bumbard said.“If they have is concerns or any questions, [they can] email, call me or come by the office. I’m always available.”

Security officer Jason Leach  said in an email he believes Bumbard will be a good fit at Wesleyan.

“Blake has had a lot of experience working in and around universities that we will be able to draw off of,” Leach said. “[I] look forward to the road ahead.”
Senior mass communications major Candace Johnson said she hopes the new head of security will address things like the lack of lighting at night and other issues.

“Hopefully he can address some of the past issues, and make students feel safer,”  Johnson said.

-Tristian Evans