The Texas Wesleyan men’s golf team dominated the two-day tournament at Creekside Golf Club in Salem, Oregon Oct. 1-2, with a team total of 579. It was 19 strokes above 2nd place British Columbia University.

Out of 55 participants the Wesleyan men’s golf team swept the scoreboard taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th place after the two-day tournament.

Blake Vinson took second place over Nathan Anderson, senior, with a total of 144, beating out Anderson by one stroke. Anderson then took third with a 145 followed by Dylan Anthony with an overall score of 146 putting him in fourth place.

On day one Vinson held the best score throughout the entire team, but was in third place overall by four strokes. Nikolaj Brons-Piche was behind Vinson by one stroke, holding fast to fourth place. After day one Dylan Anthony and Jose Pablo-Rolz took sixth place and Anderson was trailing in eighth place, but made up for lost time on day two.

Day two brought new hopes to the men’s golf team as they quickly moved up in the standings, taking 1st through 5th place.

 Box Scores                          Day One               Day Two               Overall

Blake Vinson                      71                           23                           144

Nathan Anderson            76                           69                           145

Dylan Anthony                  74                           72                           146

Nikolaj Brons- Piche        72                           75                           147

Jose Pablo Rolz                 74                           74                           148