Roman feast allows students' to experience ancient cuisin

Karen Moreno, freshman business major, and Aaron Benavides, freshman undecided major, taste a variety of ancient Roman foods on Oct. 9 in Bragen Hall.

Students had the opportunity to test their taste buds today as the Social Science department cooked up a unique Roman Feast on Oct. 9.

Dr. Timothy Grammar, associate professor of history, decided to try out the Roman Feast after his college mentor told him about the event.  Grammar said he thought the idea was great and finely convinced his wife, Janet to help out with the cooking.

Roman feast brings Roman cuisine to Wesleyan

Tables line the north wall of Bragen Hall on Oct. 9 so faculty, staff and students of the social science department take part in a Roman feast.

Grammar said he originally held the Roman Feast annually, but because of expense decided to cut it down to every two years.

The Roman Feast now coincides with Grammar’s Greek and Roman history class offered every two years.

Grammar said the menu offered a wide arrange of recipes that originated in Apicivs book, “On Cookery,” dating back to the 4th century.

Some of the items on the menu were:

Roman salad, asparagus, fruit platter, bread platter, Roman boiled egg, isicia omentata (Roman burger), amulatum aliter (chicken fricassee), honey biscuits, Roman custard, pear jelly, dilcia domesica  (sweet dates)

Alando Moore, junior history major, said his favorite food item was the Roman salad and the Roman burger.

The meal was provided or prepared by the following individuals,  Janet Grammar, wife of Dr. Timothy Grammar, assistant professor of history, Dr. Brenda Matthews, professor of history and department chair, Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, professor of history, Jessica Norman, administrative assistant for social sciences and Samantha McComas, senior history education major.