Dr. Jeffrey DeLotte, professor of english, reads to his audience at his book signing and reception on Oct. 16.

Wearing a black polo shirt and black dress pants, Dr. Jeffrey DeLotto eases himself on top of  the grey, round  table, his elegant yet gently worn black loafers dangle softly off the table as he open his book, Voices Writ in Sand, and begins to read Geronimo, a dramatic monologue form his book.

The room is quiet as he begins to read; the gentleness of his voice trickles out into the audience and takes them to another time, another place, another life that is different from today, outside the walls of the Baker Building.

With Keats as one of his major influences, DeLotto’s new book Voice Writ in Sand takes his readers to a ranch in Texas, to the Florida coast, and back to Texas again through the narratives of different speakers.

On October 16, DeLotto read from his new book at a read-aloud hosted by the Natural and Social Sciences Department and individually personalized every signed copy purchased by various students, faculty and staff members.

Rachel Peel