Big Bird Cartoon
Big Bird, once an innocent children’s character, is now the weapon for political gain.

After GOP nominee Mitt Romney promised to decrease funding to PBS while still declaring his love for Big Bird, the Obama campaign used this as ammunition against the Romney campaign. The Obama campaign released a commercial with the recognizable Big Bird mocking Romney.

The creators of Big Bird are unhappy with the way their character is being portrayed on the commercial, and have requested the commercial no longer be aired. I don’t blame them.

When did children’s characters end up in the middle of politics? Big Bird and other children’s characters are supposed to be used to help children. When children think of Big Bird they should think of him going on a picnic with his friends of Sesame Street, not the big yellow bird that is in the Obama commercial helping to mock Romney.

This is not the message that Big Bird was supposed to bring to people. It is bad enough to make fun of the opponent, but to use a children’s character to do it is hitting an all time low.

I think we should “think of the children.” This saying might be overused, but what it says is true.

Did anyone even think about what affect this commercial has on the children of America? Many young children’s idols are the characters on Sesame Street.

What are we doing to their heroes if we are using them as political weapons? And where does this end? When every child’s hero is used for political gain? Let’s keep politics out of the Street.

-Victoria Slaten