After Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States and started his second term, two states legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Washington and Colorado legalized the use of marijuana on Nov. 7, but users have to be over the age of 21.

Although the two states have legalized it, the federal government is not pleased and will be fighting back to keep the drug illegal. According to the Cable News Network, CNN, Washington will impose a 25 percent tax rate on the grower, the seller and the consumer of marijuana.

I think this is a positive movement.

Not only are states fighting for their rights, but taxing the drug will bring the government so much money. Imagine every time the grower, seller and buyer invest in marijuana; 25 percent of all the money spent goes to the government.

The U.S. could gain millions of dollars in just taxing marijuana; millions of dollars this country is in desperate need of.

Sure people may say smoking weed impairs judgment, but so does drinking alcohol, dipping tobacco and smoking cigarettes. All of those things are legal with the proper age stipulation.

If the government can control the market by taxing marijuana and putting an age limit on it, I don’t see the big issue. It’s not like the two states are just putting it out there for anyone and everyone to have. Partakers have to be of age and a citizen of the state.

Everyone has their beliefs and their morals, but is smoking weed, as long as it’s controlled and legal, such a bad thing?
Alcohol is legal and we don’t consider having a beer or glass of wine now and then such a horrible thing.

After all, marijuana is natural, not a chemical such as alcohol and cigarettes.

It’s time to put Uncle Sam’s green thumb to use. Let’s follow the progressive steps of Colorado and Washington and plant our seeds as well.

-Emma Fradette