Women's Basketball LSU-S-Lupe (5)The Texas Wesleyan women’s basketball team is continuing its season and starting to play the second half of conference.

In his second year as head women’s basketball coach, Bill Franey said his team is doing well.

The Lady Rams are 12-5 overall and, as of Jan. 15, currently 8-3 in the RRAC conference.

“The team is doing very well but there have been some bumps along the way,” Franey said. “People need to remember that not only did seven seniors graduate last year, but those seven seniors were the most successful seniors in TWU history.”

Franey said last year’s seniors were the first group to ever win 25 games in back-to-back years.

“So while many people expected this season to be a rebuilding year, I did not,” Franey said. “The players have responded accordingly.”

Franey said the biggest challenge so far has been taking so many new players with so many different basketball backgrounds and getting them on the same page.

“We want them to think the same way, but anyone who is watching the team can surely see this is happening,” Franey said.

Dre’a Davis, senior guard for the Lady Rams and exercise science major, said a few minor injuries and terms of eligibility have also been obstacles the team has had to face.

“We all learn that in order to be a great team, we must be able to respond to adversity and we are putting that statement in effect,” Davis said.

Davis said the season has been fun and enthusiastic.

“We have been working hard to achieve our seasonal goals and meanwhile have been having fun while doing that,” Davis said.

Audrianna Simpson, sophomore guard and business management major, agrees with Davis.

“The season is going well but it is not where we want it to be, Simpson said. “So every practice and game we are striving to make it better.”

Davis said they have a few goals such as winning conference, advancing in the conference tournament and going to nationals.

With being a senior this year, Davis is a leader and said she is taking her last season seriously.

“I will never be able to get this experience back, being a leader is challenging at times, but for the most part we do a great job of holding ourselves accountable of keeping the team on up and up,” Davis said. “We are doing what it takes to better ourselves as individuals and more importantly as a team.”

Simpson said the team chemistry is getting stronger with every game they play.

Franey said he expects the team to continue to grow as the season goes on and to eventually earn their spot at nationals in Kentucky.

“The conference tournament is my favorite time of year,” Franey said.”It is too early to say for certain where the pairings lie, but two wins in the tournament sends the team to Kentucky, right where we belong,”

The Lady Rams will have their next game at 2 p.m. Jan. 26 in the Sid Richardson Center at Texas Welseyan against Jarvis Christian.