Men's Basketball LSU-S-Lupe (39)The Texas Wesleyan men’s basketball team is mid-way through their season and beginning their second round in the Red River Athletic Conference.

As of Jan. 15, the Rams hold a record of 13-5 overall and are 8-4 in the RRAC conference.

Brennen Shingleton, head coach of the men’s basketball team, said he is thrilled with his players so far.

“I am very pleased with their work ethic and very pleased with their attitudes on and off the court,” Shingleton said. “We’ve had a great semester academically. We’ve got great guys, and they are fun to coach.”

This is Shingleton’s first year as a head coach for Wesleyan and said he has been hard on the players.

“When you have change in any position in coaching, things have to change,” Shingleton said. “They are kind of adjusting to me as I adjust to them and they’ve done everything I’ve asked them to do.”

Shingleton said so far this season, although the team has been performing well, the team has yet to play their best basketball.

“We have yet to play our basketball and that’s what makes me excited. If they can just get over that hump, we are going to be very good,” Shingleton said. “We are just fighting and we are going to be OK, our best basketball is really close.”

Jazz Holman, junior guard and mass communications major, said the team has had their ups and downs.

“We are getting it together and we are starting to trust each other more,” Holman said.

Brian Talley, senior guard and accounting major, said although the team is having their ups and downs, they are dealing with them.

“We are dealing with adversity, but I think we got a chance to make a good run at the right time,” Talley said. “We have good team chemistry and everybody seems to be figuring out their roles on the team.”

As far as his expectations for the rest of the year, Shingleton said he is going to take one game at a time.

“I’ve been here long enough to where you can have expectations but what I’ve realized quickly is we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves,” Shingleton said. “I expect us to play well, and every time we hit the court I expect us to do something better than what we did in the past.”

Shingleton said he doesn’t know where this season will take him and his team, but they are trying to take baby steps in order to hit their long-term goals.

Although the players have been great, Shingleton said consistency is their biggest challenge so far.

“Our maturity has a little bit to do with consistency, but there are days where we are very good and then there are days where we just kind of fight ourselves mentally,” Shingleton said.”But we have the capability to win a championship, we just have to approach everyday like it’s the most important thing we do.”