Exercising to stay healthy.

Exercising to stay healthy.

With the New Year kicking off, many students have New Year resolutions, and some of those resolutions may deal with getting healthier.

Here at Texas Wesleyan, students have a great opportunity to maintain those New Year’s resolutions thanks to the help of the Morton Fitness Center.

I have recently became more involved in my workout routine, and the Morton Fitness Center makes that possible for me and other students trying to stay fit.

Just in case some students didn’t know, the Morton Fitness Center offers a weight room, cardio and a studio for private workouts. They also have a fully stocked locker room with showers.

The center also has classes such as Zumba and kickboxing at no cost to the students.

In today’s economy, especially being a student, saving money is vital. Thanks to the university and the Morton Fitness Center, students at Wesleyan are given the option to join a gym for free.

I really enjoy using the fitness center. The staff is always friendly and working hard to make sure all the equipment is working properly and cleaned for the next person to use it.

Signing up for classes is easy and they always post the times outside the building for convenient reminders.

All students should take full advantage of all facilities on campus, but especially the Morton Fitness Center. For those of you wanting a healthier New Year, join the Morton Fitness Center and get started.

You won’t be sorry.