SingerTime rolls back as the dramatic music and past American Idol winners parade across the screen. As the judges are showcased, we cannot help but notice the outrageous Nikki Minaj with those crazy wigs and body paint she calls clothes.

She made a grand entrance but her attitude and outrageous personality was a fail in my book.

The first episode of American’ Idol’s 12th season  was a success in the entertainment department

Mariah Carey graced the presence of the scene with class and elegance. (Well when she wasn’t arguing with Nikki Minaj). Keith Urban showed a low profile, and  provided excellent advice to those who did not make the cut.

Of all the judges, Randy Jackson seemed to take on the role of former judge Simon Cowell. Jackson was very blunt and quite hilarious.

These judges are in for the long haul and there were plenty of yes’s and no’s for contestants hoping to advance to Hollywood.

Throughout the show many  who auditioned boasted about their skills, but when time came to execute, they failed to hold a note. It was sad, but humorous of course.

At times, the show almost seemed more of a competition between Mariah and Nikki, than a judgement of the performers’ musical talents.

Randy and Keith had to step in several times to keep the show professional.
Minaj’s multiple personalities were a distraction. Why is she even on the show? She cannot sing.

Reports show the show’s ratings weren’t as high as they used to be.

This season of American Idol is also being portrayed as a reality show. Perhaps that had something to do with it?

I enjoyed the portion of the show where contestants shared their heartfelt stories. Several had life struggles they eventually overcame.

The story that was a tear jerker  for me was the young lady who has a hearing deficiency. When she sang her song the judges were in awe. Mariah Carey’s face lit up because she had a refreshing voice, definitely more unique than most artists out now.

There were also some questionable people who auditioned. Some made an absolute mockery of themselves and expected to move forward in the competition.

One man’s rendition of Boys to Men’s “I’ll make love to you” brought nothing but laughs from the judges – especially from Nikki and Mariah, whom he attempted to serenade.

Keith Urban even hid under the table and said “it’s not safe out there.”

Its contestants like this one that bring on the entertainment, sometimes. How did he get to this point, I’ll never know. But it was definitely hilarious.

Forty-one contestants advanced to Hollywood from this New York episode. I will definitely tune into Fox 4 Jan. 23 to see what’s next.

Kelsi Holland,

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