When it comes to campus crime, some students are all too familiar with the process of how to file a report. For those that are not, it is actually a fairly simple process. In a few minor steps a crime can be reported and even resolved sooner than students may think. Blake Bumbard, security manager for campus security, said additional collaboration with campus security will allow students to find ways to prevent future crimes as well as have a voice in the implementation of new security measures on campus.

Security Officer Donald Thomas, better known as “Officer Lee,” has been working with campus security for several years and said the first thing to know is what category the crime falls into. This can save time when it comes to getting a response from the proper authority he said. Some crimes are handled by campus security while others fall into the hands of the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD).

“Anything alcohol, smoking or drug related can be handled by campus security officers. Crimes such as theft and domestic violence are better handled by FWPD,” Lee said.

Officer Lee said students are free to call campus security for any reason. They are there to help. Lee said they are also welcome to call FWPD directly.

“Students can call campus security to report a crime of any kind,” Lee said. “But if a student calls us to handle a crime that is beyond our security measures, we will call FWPD to better assist the student if they choose.”
Officer Lee said he would like to see students report more crimes that go on around the campus to help campus security keep a safe and secure environment.

“Students either don’t report all the crimes that go on or they report them at the last minute,” Lee said.
Once a student assesses the type of crime they need to report, the next step is to make the phone call. Bumbard said when using a university phone dial 4-911. From a personal phone dial 817-531-4911. Someone is available to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Bumbard said.

Bumbard said Texas Wesleyan is one of the most secure campuses he has ever been on. Bumbard has worked at The University of North Texas, Stephen F. Austin and Trinity Valley Community College located in East Texas.

Though theft will always be a problem on any campus, Bumbard said. He has not noticed any significant increases in Wesleyans campus crimes. Bumbard does recommend simple measures to help students prevent being a victim of theft on campus.

“Students should lock their car doors and be sure not leave valuable items visible to prevent theives from targeting them,” Bumbard said.

Bumbard said anytime a student calls campus security for help, the matter is handled according to priority. A student who needs a boost for a car may have to wait a little longer for security to arrive if there is a more pressing matter.
“As long as the officer isn’t tied up with other calls, they are usually there within a few minutes,” Bumbard said. “It may take 10-15 minutes for non-emergency calls if the officer is handling another situation.”
Kelsey Manuel, freshman theater arts major, called campus police last week to get a boost for her car and said campus security’s response time was very quick.

“The security officer arrived within five minutes of me calling them,” Manuel said. “I originally thought I just needed a boost because my car wouldn’t start. He asked if anything was missing.”

Manuel said she noticed her GPS was gone, so the officer took down her information, wrote a report and when he looked under the hood to give her a boost, he saw that her battery was gone as well.

“I didn’t know anything was missing until the officer asked me,” Kelsey said.

Bumbard said there are a few more measures that can be implemented on campus to make it more secure. It is just a matter of making sure it falls into the budget and deciding which measures are a proper fit for the campus.

“We are currently discussing different security options for Texas Wesleyan, such as a few new technologies, blue light call boxes, cameras and additional fencing,” Bumbard said.

Bumbard said the mission of the Texas Wesleyan campus security is to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Lee said if students, faculty and people in the community come together to help campus security with proper reporting of any dangerous activities, it will help deter criminals of any kind.

“Students can assist campus security with making a safer environment by not taking unnecessary risks, locking doors, securing the facilities when they leave and reporting any suspicious activity or crime immediately,” Lee said.

For more information on campus security, students can visit their office, Room 117 in O.C. Armstrong Hall.