Students looking for more money for college can check to see if they are eligible for the Hatton Sumners Scholarship

The Hatton W. Sumners scholarship helps to fund the education of college students who have worked exceptionally hard not only in the classroom, but in their community.

“The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation has provided a number of endowed scholarships to a number of universities,” Deborah Roark, director of grants and research, said. “We’re fortunate to be one of those universities.”

Roark said the school is given a specific amount of money which is then placed in an investment account. The interest from that money is used for the scholarships.

Each year students who are awarded the scholarship receive $3,500 for the fall and spring semesters.

As long as the student’s continue to meet the requirements, the scholarship is good for two years.

Although some majors such as political science, pre-law, history and social studies are given priority, students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

Some of the requirements for the scholarship are having a 3.0 GPA,   involvement in campus and civic activities, and being in good standing with the university. Applicants must also submit a 750-word essay about themselves and a resume.

The applications must be turned in to the Financial Aid office by Feb. 15.
Roark said the top 10 applications are chosen and then sent to the Hatton Sumners Scholarship Foundation in Dallas.

“The Foundation trustees come and do the interviews,” Roark said. “In early April [the trustees] will be coming to campus and they’ll interview students all morning long. The students have to put their best foot forward. They have 15 minutes to answer questions and tell [the trustees] about themselves.”

Roark said in addition to receiving the scholarship money, Hatton Sumners scholars receive other various opportunities, such as attending luncheons and workshops in Dallas. They were ponsored by the Sumners Foundation through the National Center for Policy Analysis.

The scholars also get the opportunity to attend events such as leadership conferences where they can network with Hatton Scholars from schools across the U.S.

“They get broken into groups and meet people from all over,” Roark said. “They talk about leadership, ethics and hot topics that are going on in our society today.”

Roark said in the past, networking at such events have helped some students get jobs after graduation.
Roark said she encourages everyone who is eligible to apply.

“It really is a great opportunity for [Texas Wesleyan] students to meet other people and hear from local and world leaders,” Roark said.

Eliana Mijangos, a Texas Wesleyan alumni and former Hatton Sumners scholar, said she was honored to have received the prestigious scholarship during her time at Texas Wesleyan.

“I was very honored to receive the scholarship. It was something that made me feel academically accomplished and was certainly a great opportunity to network,” Mijangos said in an email.

Mijangos said while the scholarship funds definitely were a big help, the conferences she attended where great for helping her prepare for the real world.

“To me the real benefit in the scholarship is being able to attend a number of events and conferences that allow you to build on your communication and leadership skills. It is a great organization, and I would highly recommend students to apply.”