Job-Blast-MailCareer Services has launched a new service that provides students the chance to view job opportunities that are narrowed down specifically to each student’s field of study.

Instead of having to use the Career Link website, the job postings are sent straight to their email once a month. This service is one of the many services provided through career services, Robyn Bone career services director, said.

Bone said career services has always provided job postings for Wesleyan students.

“We had feedback from students on some of our surveys and focus groups we did, and either they didn’t know how to access Career Link or they didn’t know that there were jobs relevant to their major,” Bone said.

Bone said a lot of students were asking how to sign up for search agents, which career services always had the capability of doing but students just weren’t taking the extra step to do it, Bone said.

She said Career Services averages about 120 job postings on career link a month.

“We’re talking about tons of employers that are posting jobs, and are just falling through because no one is applying,” Bone said.

She said Carreer Services  wanted to increase its student-placement efforts.

Career services took the feedback into consideration and decided to set up a search agent for all students, a job blast via email.

Bone said the students are allowed to opt out if they do not want to receive the job blasts.

“We set [job blasts] up for all of the majors for Wesleyan, and based on the students’ degree they are put into a selection,” Bone said. “If it’s business it’s going to include business management, business accounting, finance, all of those, any job that is in the business field environment.”

Bone said it is not a weekly blast. It is only sent out once a month. The job blast helps students get exposed to more employment opportunities.

“Right now we have an accounting internship, and a lot of students need it for credit for their senior year, and they didn’t know that,” Bone said. “So I’m showing them, look it’s just waiting for you. Now they are getting it in their email so that they are getting on career link and apply themselves,”

Bone said the job fields vary depending on the economy. Lately career services have seen a lot of marketing, computer science, accounting and finance jobs.

“We have partnership with some radio stations, so we have a lot of broadcast journalism and mass comm. majors,”  Bone said. “We definitely have a variety [of jobs]. As of right now accounting, finance and computer science are what we have.”

Michael Gatton, associate director of career services, said he thinks students will be happy to receive the career job blasts.

“The job blasts should be considered a supplement to our Career Link website and not a replacement,” Gatton said. “A periodic email from our department will remind students of their journey from getting an education to planning a career, but they still need to login to our site to schedule appointments and take advantage of our other services.”

Gatton said he thinks the feedback from the job blasts will be just as positive as the feedback from the Career Link website.

“It is our hope that students will seek out our services sooner in their academic career rather than waiting until graduation,” Gatton said. “Not enough students know that Career Services is free and open to all students and alumni and that it is a service to be taken advantage of earlier rather than later.”