footballAs Super Bowl XLVII rounds the corner, many people are cheering for the Baltimore Ravens rather than the San Francisco 49er’s because Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Ravens, is retiring. I don’t care for either team personally because I am a Minnesota Vikings fan, but I am jumping on the Ray Lewis Bandwagon and cheering for the Ravens.

I have watched Lewis while he’s been in the National Football League, and I must say, there is no other football player like him. He is energetic, strong, aggressive, and definitely entertaining. Lewis has amazing skill and knowledge of the game; he is incredible to watch. Super Bowl XLVII will be intense not only because both teams are undefeated in Super Bowl appearances, but also because Lewis is retiring after this year.

The NFL will not be the same after he leaves, and after 17 years in the league, it’s hard to imagine him not there. I will give him credit for helping the Ravens get to the Super Bowl, and how cool is it to go out with a bang like that? I have heard a lot of people talk about this upcoming Super Bowl, and how they are all cheering for Lewis and the Ravens in hopes that his last game gets him a Super Bowl ring. So everyone tune into the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 to watch Lewis, number 52, try to earn his last ring!