Opinion-VictoriaIf there is one thing people cannot get enough of, it is gossip, especially about celebrities.

It is bad enough to have to know everything about the people around you, but when you have to know everything about celebrities too, it has become more of an obsession.

Most of the time people are obsessed with celebrities who are not the best role models.

For example, millions became hooked on watching Italian Americans party and drink uncontrollably on Jersey Shore. What positive attribute does a program like this show to teenagers who watch it? And when Snooki, the party girl of Jersey Shore, said she was having a baby, people, especially the teenagers who watched Jersey Shore, became obsessed with that.

Jersey Shore is just one of many examples. Just looking at the tabloids, and seeing who is dating who, and cheated with whom, is nauseating.

What is worse is not only adults read the stories, but children are exposed to the celebrities’ actions, too.

When children see tabloids about a celebrity they look up to cheating or being involved in sex scandals, they are not influenced in a positive direction. Now, on top of the fact that everyone is influenced to be skinny and hot  celebrities, people have to be careful not to be morally influenced by them as well.

Obsession with celebrities is worse than some people think.

According to collegenews.com some teenage girls took their obsession with Justin Bieber too far. After Bieber was caught smoking marijuana, the “#CutForBieber” movement was started as a joke. The creators told people to cut themselves so Bieber would stop smoking.

However, some of Bieber’s fans took this prank seriously and started cutting themselves thinking they were helping their favorite pop star. If people are willing to physically harm themselves for a celebrity, someone they do not even know, then someone needs to help these confused victims back to reality.

People need to stop looking at the tabloids for inspiration. However, there are still celebrities worth admiring  like those who use their fame to help organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For example, celebrities like Robin Williams, George Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston star in commercials for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital encouraging people to donate their money to help save the lives of children.

Although people have a responsibility to themselves, celebrities have responsibility too. Celebrities need to realize they are being watched and their actions can affect more people than they will ever realize.