graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremony.

Graduation can be a nerve-racking time for students, and they do not always know how to prepare for this turning point in their lives.

Jessica Boone, technical records coordinator, said her office works with students to make sure they have all of the information for graduation, and making sure students have their academic status communicated to them.

Boone said first, a student who wishes to graduate must complete a graduation application, and submit it to the office of student records. Any student who is wishing to graduate and has not filled out a graduation application will have to pay the graduation fee and the late fee to the cashiers office.

Next, the student should talk with their academic advisers about their degree audits and look for any discrepancies, and talk to the office of student records about fixing these problems.

Boone said the student must then wait for notices about graduation which will be sent by Wesleyan email and U.S. mail. Graduating students will also receive a notice in the mail telling them to pick up their information packets in February.

When students pick up their information packets, they will also see their diploma order to verify that it is correct so the diploma will be exactly as the student wants, she said.

Boone said the information packet will have more information regarding details about the ceremony and graduation-related events happening on campus.

“Students are strongly recommended to attend [graduation events],” Boone said. “However, we understand that real life occurs, and they can’t come up to campus every time we want them to.”

Boone said if students have a scheduling conflict, they should call the office of student records  to make sure they receive all the required information.

Elena Hernandez, student assistant for career services, said her department can also help graduating students. Hernandez said career services helps with resumes and also helps students find a job after they graduate.

“We can also help them with graduate counseling if they want to go to graduate school,” Hernandez said. “We can help them try to get into the program and see what it is they are looking for.”

Mari Rangel, senior liberal studies major, said she knows a little bit of information about graduation, but is uncertain about the specifics. Rangel said she knows about the graduation application, but she does not know what is going to happen at the robing and graduation ceremonies.

“The actual service, to prepare for that, I don’t know, I’m a little nervous,” Rangel said. “No one in my family has ever graduated college.”

Rangel said some graduation information was sent to her, and all other upperclassmen, but said it was confusing and made her nervous. Rangel said there was a mass text sent to all students who are close to graduation, so she did not know if that text meant she was graduating or not.

” I think what they could do is just specify in the email like the specific names of those who are graduating so that they won’t think like I did,” Rangel said.

Rangel said if she is confused she talks to her adviser and her friends who are graduating with her.

Boone said in addition to students’ advisers, the office of student records will always be happy to answer any questions that students may have. Boone said there really are not that many steps to take for graduation.

“We aren’t quite as strict as some other schools,” Boone said. “And since we’re small we have a greater ability to work with students one-on-one should an issue arise.”