Valentines day on a budget.

Valentines day on a budget.

Hearts, cards, kisses and chocolates are all things encompassed around Valentine’s Day. Couples shower each other with gifts, dinners and constant affection to express their love for one another.

The question that arises out of Valentine’s Day is do people in college celebrate it? If so, can students afford the expensive dinners and gifts?

Those who do celebrate Valentine’s Day are now finding ways to celebrate the “love holiday” on a budget, while some just do not participate in the holiday at all.

Courtney Orebaugh, senior history major, said Valentine’s Day does not have to get expensive.

“Some people get caught up in buying all these gifts for their significant other, when sometimes the more creative ideas are what people remember the most,” Orebaugh said.  “Sometimes those ideas are cheaper than buying gifts.”

Orebaugh said as long as she is with the person she loves, then that is a great Valentine’s Day for her.

Abraham Ademola, senior bio-chemistry major, said he does not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“When I am with someone I make sure to show her how much I appreciate her and how much she means to me every day,” Ademola said. “Valentine’s Day takes away my credit.”

Ademola said he feels obligated to do something on the holiday and he does not like that.

“I make her feel special every day, and I think Valentine’s Day takes away from that,” Ademola said.

Raven Alexander, senior business major, said she does celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoys the holiday.

“I like celebrating V-Day because not only do you tell that person daily that you care about them, but on Valentine’s Day you can personally do all the cute necessary stops to make that person feel special,” Alexander said.

Alexander said she has shown her appreciation before by showing up at her (then) girlfriend’s house unexpectedly and left flowers at the door and rose petals on the bed with presents.

Being in college can reduce the amount of money you may be able to spend, and Alexander said there are a few ways a person can celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the wallet.

“I think there is a cheap way to express love on Valentine’s Day,” Alexander said. “If you don’t have the money for a card you can always make a homemade card.

Alexander said she uses what she’s good at to make her significant other feel special.

“I try to use my strengths which are poems and writing because you can never go wrong with writing and really showing that person what they mean to you,” Alexander said. “It’s the little things that matter.”