A recent incident between students might be evaluated by Texas Wesleyan’s judicial board soon. The date has not yet been determined.

Blake Bumard, security manager for Wesleyan, said the incident occurred on Dec. 3 at the sport court located across from Stella Russell Hall.

“Some students threw oranges at other students who were playing on the basketball court.  Security was called and responded, and got the names of the individuals,” Bumard said. “There were no injuries to the victims.”

Bumard said the names were taken to the dean’s office for disciplinary referral and it is up to the dean of students to decide what disciplinary action should be taken.

“Depending on what the violation is, what kind of problems they’ve had in the past, and if they have had any disciplinary referrals in the past; [the dean] makes the decision on what the appropriate action would be whether it be academic probation or disciplinary probation it is up to the Dean,” Bumard said.

Cary Poole, dean of students, was contacted but he said the incident could not be discussed because it is an ongoing investigation.

“After the investigation, I would need the students’ permission  to discuss their cases by having them sign a FERPA waiver,”  Poole said in an email. “Usually students do not want their discipline cases disclosed to the public, which is right by law.”

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. It protects students’ rights to keep their student records private. Poole said the details and people involved in this incident fall under those protective laws.