Music performance hall.

Music performance hall.

Texas Wesleyan  Performers [music majors] can prepare for musical success through recitals throughout the semester.

Jeffrey Clark, senior music major, said the music recitals are intended for music majors to get the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. He said performance music majors must perform a solo music recital once they become seniors — it’s only optional for music Ed majors.

“It’s the opportunity for students to get up there and perform,” Clark said. “Otherwise, if we just practice, practice, and practice, you never get up on stage, you never feel the actual pressure of being on stage and knowing if it’s right or wrong so you can go back and fix it.”

Dr. John Fisher, professor of music, said the department holds several musical events per semester. Many recitals are in Martin Hall. Some piano recitals are held in the West Library on Fridays after closing.

“The majority takes place in Martin Hall,” Fisher said. “Now once in a while we will have a program on the main first floor of the library. We use the big piano against the north wall of the library on occasions, too, for Friday night concerts when the library closes.”

Claudia Sanchez, junior music major, said they have “miniature” recital labs that are mostly to improve confidence among student performers, which will help prepare them for their main recitals.

“They have that experience in a smaller environment so it can build up their confidence and make them feel more comfortable,” Sanchez said, “so that way when they do perform their recital, they have more confidence.

Sanchez said students must be involved in recitals to earn their music degrees and build their resume.

“You have to be in recitals if you want the degree,” Sanchez said.

Fisher said students who are non-music majors are also allowed to participate in recitals. He said students who are interested must first talk to one of the music directors in advance.

“That has to be prepared way, way ahead,” Fisher said. “It has to be organized and worked out.”

For more information students can access the music recitals schedule by going to Wesleyan’s home page, click “News & Events” link near the top right corner of the page, then click on “Event List” link toward the top left corner. Once there you can scroll up and down the page to select specific recital date links.

Music recital schedules are also available in the print advertisement page of the Rambler.