The Texas Wesleyan baseball team played Feb. 9 against Texas Lutheran University (TLU). The Rams fell 10-2 in the first game and then lost the second game 6-4.

The first inning was scoreless for both teams, but TLU turned that around in the second inning scoring 4 runs. The Rams did not get on the scoreboard until the fifth inning with a run by David Kiriakos, senior shortstop, and by Henry Yates, senior outfielder. Although the Rams continued to play, they lost 10-2.

The second game started off differently. The Rams scored first thanks to a hit from Dusty Harper, junior first basemen, to allow Kiriakos to run to home plate. Although Wesleyan had the initial lead, it did not last long because TLU earned 4 runs in the second part of the inning.

Yates and Jake Davis, sophomore shortstop and second basemen, also put runs on the board for the Rams in the second inning and the Rams only trailed by one, 4-3. The game continued to be a nail-biter after Harper hit a home run tying up the game in the third inning. However, by the sixth inning, the Bulldogs earned two more runs and took the game 6-4.

The Rams will play again on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. in Belton, Texas against Mary-Hardin Baylor.