Students from Texas Wesleyan University get their claim to fame starring in the new admissions video.

The marketing and communications department is working on a Youtube video, starring students, which displays Texas Wesleyan from a unique perspective.

Chuck Greeson, university videographer, said they wanted to do a Youtube video because of the site’s hype, and the opportunity to make something no one has ever seen before.

“We decided that we wanted to make an admissions video to kind of show off not only the campus but some of the students, and kind of get people excited about Texas Wesleyan,” Greeson said.

Darin White, web content specialist, who is helping with the production and script said he wants the video to focus on the most important aspects of Texas Wesleyan.

“We want to talk specifically about those things that are so important to the Texas Wesleyan experience, namely small class sizes, engaging professors, and being pushed to do things,” White said.

Greeson said about 15 people showed up to the video audition on February 1 with varying areas of talent. Greeson said they hope to use all the students who auditioned in either this video or in future videos.

“Anyone who will come in here and audition and wants to be a part of the university, and wants to tell the university story and feel passionately about Texas Wesleyan and the education they’re getting here is someone that’s pretty cool in my book,” White said.

Greeson said they have chosen the cast, are in the process of producing the video and hope to shoot around spring break.

White said he wants the video to be in plain language and to have a real human feeling associated with it.

“We’re doing this because everything this department does is part of a broader framework to increase the reputation of the university, to benefit admissions, to benefit a general sense of identity and pride in the school,” White said.