As a junior at Texas Wesleyan, I find it hardening and sometimes humorous that students are so frightened by the neighborhood around Wesleyan.

Most students believe the neighborhood is not safe whatsoever. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some places around the surrounding area that I would not go to, but Wesleyan is one of the most relatively safe campuses in the metroplex.

I have been here for three years and most of the crimes that occur are committed by students. In other words, it’s going on in the dorms and around the dorms.

Why do we blame the neighborhood for our actions? It is not the neighborhood that puts us in jeopardy, it is our actions. Yes, there have been crimes that involve trespassers around campus but there are very few.

Most of the time, the crimes that occur around campus are consequence to us as students not using our heads.

For instance, in the West Village Apartments, students leave a rock to hold the gate open. Honestly, anyone could walk right in without having to use their I.D. Also, students tend to park across the street from Stella in an insecure environment or even in front of the Village. Anyone could easily break a window. Personally I park inside the gate just to be safe.

Now luckily, Texas Wesleyan has not had any lock downs, major cases of rape or even homicides.

Texas Christian University has had its fair share of drug dealers, rapists and more, but a lot of people consider that school safe because of the vicinity. Come on now, do we not remember the incident just last year? There was a drug bust involving all of those TCU students and athletes, or even further back, a serial rapist lurking around campus.

When was the last time something like this occurred at Texas Wesleyan?

As student’s we can’t seriously be naïve to think that in any area we are in, there is no potential risk of danger or crime. We simply can’t  judge a place by its appearance.

Texas Wesleyan is pretty safe school.Ironically enough, it is the students and faculty that represent the school, not the neighborhood. So we all should think twice about what we are doing to reflect Texas Wesleyan University, because we are the representatives.