I don’t know about everyone else, but I am very excited to have all the new international students on the Wesleyan campus.

I have heard a vague description behind the purpose of their influx but all-in-all, I think they help to cultivate the campus. I would love the chance to better understand what they like, their favorite foods (which I’m sure is not what’s in Dora’s) where they’re from specifically, what it’s like there and just who they are all around.

I would also love to do some type of campus block party welcome for them. I know there is a welcome committee for incoming freshmen. They also have parties to keep up the camaraderie amongst “traditional students” but these events do not take our foreign friends into account; in my opinion.

There was such an elaborate effort taken to get them here, from increased staff, revamping old dorms and all the new “no smoking within 20 feet of this building” signs (even though they do it while standing next to the sign). We should also go out of our way to make them feel welcome. They always look so alienated from everyone when I see them.

I think the campus atmosphere could be the epitome of its “Smaller. Smarter.” campaign with the creation of a more family oriented ambiance within the student population. Of course it’s ultimately up to the students to make this happen, but I definitely think it’s possible.

As the current digital media editor of the Rambler, I also want to tap into their culture through social media. Many of today’s markets are going beyond the typical American citizen to keep business booming, especially when comes to reaching other cultures with the Hispanic ethnicity being the most promising.

I think the Rambler should do the same. This would also be another way to involve the international students on campus.

I really feel that there is more than one way to capitalize off of our foreign friends besides monetarily. Building a relationship with them will pay off even more in the long run.