All hands are on deck in the Academic Success Center.

The Academic Success Center hired more tutors because of the influx of new students during the spring semester.

Michael Greer, director of Academic Success Center, said, “We’ve been fortunate to find tutors for the additional subjects that we added, as well as additional tutors in things already offered, like math and writing that just needed to be increased so we had more sessions available at the same time.”

Greer said that the Academic Success Center is busier this semester than usual, but they are not looking for any additional tutors at this time.

Fez Alghussein, sophomore business major and an international student who translates and tutors math, said students were coming and not finding anyone to tutor them, so more tutors were hired to be available almost all the time.

Deborah Harrison, senior comparative religion major who tutors ESL students, said, “It feels like we have like doubled our staff, it seems to me because of the Saudi students coming in.”

Alghussein said, “Actually they hired me because a lot of international students are having trouble understanding math and English. So, they hired me to tutor them in Arabic for the Saudi students.”

Greer said it worked out well that there were tutors who were able to translate and communicate with students in a language other than English.

Harrison said, “That’s [tutoring ESL] really my passion. I feel like I’d rather work with the ESL students over anything else.”

Aglhussein said he also tutors other students besides international students, and likes making up ways to help people in different ways.

Greer said starting next semester when some tutors graduate, there may be some positions available.

Greer said, “I have applications sitting there should we open it up for more, but as of right now we’re pretty well covered.”