tcu story

Frog representing TCU’s big win.

The Jayhawks are ranked fifth in the conference with a record of 19-3 overall and 7-2 in conference.

TCU Horned Frogs are 10-12 overall and now 1-8 in conference, putting them at number 10 in the Big 12. Needless to say, this game was a total underdog game for the Horned Frogs and I am proud to say they rose to the challenge.

The TCU Daniel-Meyer Coliseum was sold out with an astounding number of 7,412 fans, many of who were cheering for the Jayhawks.

Not only did this game make history for the university, but I also like to think it made history with the city.

TCU’s accomplishment last night put Fort Worth on the map when it comes to Big 12 competition.

The first time the men’s basketball team has ever won a Big 12 game is a huge triumph, and one that the city should be proud of, including Texas Wesleyan students.Although we may not attend TCU, we are sister schools and should be proud to support each other.

That night was “the stuff of legends” and should not be forgotten, but celebrated.