Pop-CultureNetwork television is pushing the envelope more and more, and I honestly don’t like it.

Now, when I say network television, I’m referring to such channels as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC as oppose to cable networks such as Showtime and HBO.

As you might guess, one of the huge differences that have always existed between cable TV and network TV is that cable channels, like HBO, get away with things like cursing, violence and nudity in their shows.  However, I’ve noticed in the past year that more and more network TV shows are pushing the envelope.

For example, ABC hit series, Scandal, had an episode recently in which a man walked into a house to find the family living there brutally murdered. I found myself shocked that ABC would show such a violent act.

They could have easily shown us the character, Huck, walking into the house, looking in and then walking out with a disturbed look on his face. But instead, they took time to show the entire family dead, the mother, father, two daughters and dog with bullet holes through their bodies.

Scandal also pushes the envelope when it comes to sex scenes, and even though there isn’t nudity, little is left to the imagination.

Fox’s new hit serial killer drama, the Following, is about a crazed former college professor turned serial killer, who has a network of followers working throughout the U.S. to carry out murders.

In the first episode, the serial killer escapes from jail and goes after a former victim who managed to survive his attack. By the end of the episode, we get a quick glimpse of the victim hanging from a walk upside down with her eyes cut out. The show is also very graphic when it comes to scenes of characters being tortured or stabbed.

I suppose that these shows are trying to keep up with cable television and I guess there is nothing wrong with that. However, I really think they should leave the violence and gore to HBO.